Our villa in Lazio is a great place to discover and enjoy the water life – beachfront, mountains and lots of fresh air. However, if you also want to some some magnificent places of gardens, you’ll love the garden tour near our Lazio’s villa.

A rewarding half-day trip from Bolsena, this labyrinth of immaculately clipped box hedges has resisted the vagaries of garden fashion to come down to us unchanged from the early 17th century. Sounds quite attractive for you, isn’t it?

Hidden in the 12 parterres are the initials of the garden’s founder, Ottavia Orsini, and her sons. The current owner is simpatica Princess Claudia Ruspoli, personally guides visitors around the garden which she has restored and put into her work a lot of passion. Tours, which also take in her castle home, Castello Ruspoli, take place on Sundays from April to the end of October.

Groups can visit by appointment at other times too.

89 thoughts on “Unforgettable Vignanello garden tour in Lazio

  1. I did not expect visiting gardens, but wanted to so something unusual – Vignanello garden is just for it! Great tour, thanks for discounts!

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